Saturday, July 12, 2008

On the road to Cape Breton

Today was just supposed to be a travel day. However, when the GPS told us to go one way, we being the rebels we are, took another route called the Sunset Trail. It was a beautiful scenic route. As we were travelling along I saw a sign for the Lismore Sheep Farm.
When I searched on Ravelry about Maritime Wool Shops, this sheep farm was mentioned. They also have a side business making wooden knitting needles. We pulled off the road and into the farm and there were 3 other cars there plus a couple of motorcycles. First we toured the barn, where they had displays set up explaining the wool process. Partway through we noticed the sheep....and the babies. Two of these beautiful lambs were just born yesterday. They were so beautiful. The ones that were born on July 9th were bleating and we watched the ewe feed them. They didn't seem too strong on their feet.

After our visit to the barn we entered the wool shop where they sold yarn, yarn kits, sheep skin rugs and hats, wool duvets and all sorts of things. I bought several kits and we were back on the road.

We arrived at the Cove Motel around 5.
Another pleasant surprise. We are on the Causeway and the hotel has a guest laundry so we were able to do two loads of laundry before dinner. We went to the dining room at the hotel for dinner. So far this has been the best dinner of our trip. When one is visiting the Maritimes, one feels that they really should order seafood but since I've had seafood for almost every meal since we arrived except one I was again torn between Lemon Pepper Chicken and Maple Glazed Salmon but the waitress told me that the chicken was her favourite so I went for it. I'm so glad I did. It was really good. Someone was supposed to bring Jeff his spinach salad before his meal but they didn't so the waitress felt so bad that she gave us one drink on the house. Jeff thought his dinner was excellent too even though his salad was late.

Tomorrow we head out for Baddeck NS, home of Alexander Graham Bell, Baadeck Yarns and Gateway to the Cabot Trail.

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