Friday, July 11, 2008

Before and After

On the way to Hopewell Rocks we came across a winery, that made Blueberry Wine so we stopped there. Jeff tasted their rhubarb and blueberry wines and then we bought some to bring back home. Along the road we saw an old Bank and an old school.

They were just so cool that we had to take pictures.>

At the Hopewell Rocks $8/adult buys you two days admission. I thought that this was a very good deal considering 3 years ago we paid $25 each to see the Capilano Bridge in Vancouver. We did a lot of walking along the ocean floor. And a bit of rock climbing. I am definitely not a billy goat.

Jeff however is. The flowerpot rocks are awesome. It's amazing that the artist is nature itself. After a couple hours at Hopewell Rocks we went for a drive to Cape Enrage. On the way there, we pulled over to take a couple pictures of a covered bridge.<

At Cape Enrage there is a lighthouse plus you can go rappelling, climbing or do a zipline. We really just went to check out the lighthouse.

It was so much colder here than at Hopewell Rocks. We didn't say too long because of the cold. You can also see here how the tides have eaten away at the valley. Where their once was a coal room and a steam whistle there is just rubble and the road to delivery the coal is mostly gone.
By this time it was supper time so we headed back up to Hopewell Rocks for dinner. While we were eating a deer walked through the yard behind the restaurant. I was hoping for a moose but it was still nice to see the deer. We got back to Hopewell Rocks in time for high tide and Jeff took all the after shots. It's amazing to see where you walked just a few hours under water. The tides right now are about 36' high but can get as high as 43' high depending on the day. Here are some of the low tide high tide pictures.

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