Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wicked Good

Finally finished Hayley's Wicked Cool Sweater after having to frog it once. I'm very happy with the finished product except for some of the woven in ends coming astray. Hayley loves the sweater and wore it out on Saturday when we came to visit. I'm amazed that it fit so well. I used a t-shirt to size it up as Hayley lives too far away for fittings.

I could have done a better job of whipstitching
the pocket to the top unfortunately but my
daughter didn't seem to notice.

And I was worried that she would have liked the neckline tighter but she was okay with it. She's become so easy to please in her elderly age. As I look at these pictures I've uploaded there is a very sad reminder that summer is over and fall is upon us. The leaves are turning that lovely shade of yellow. I love this time of year but I hate thinking that soon winter will be here.

Winter is not my favourite time of year and I always always hate that drive to work on the 401 in the winter.

This has been an incredibly busy week for us. Monday I had meetings at the lovely in Picton all day. When all the work was done we had team building which was disguised as a cooking glass. Yes we had to cook our own dinner at a place that has excellent cuisine. It was a lot of fun and the food was edible although I did manage to make one of the worst apple crisps of my life. I got home at 10:10 pm which is way past my bedtime.
Wednesday we attended the group at the K-Rock Centre in Kingston. It was the best show I've attended yet. I loved the music, the humour and the colour. It was the most interactive show I've been to yet and the crowd seemed to love it as much as I did. The next day I spoke to a co-worker who also attended and he enjoyed it immensely as well.
Friday I took the day off. My husband had a dinner to attend to at the Royal York in Toronto for the quarter century club. It's hard to believe my young husband has hit the milestone of working for the same company for 30 years. This gave us the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, some who we had not seen in 30 years. Hayley came up after work as well. For a while she was probably the only person under 30 in the room then she spotted another young person in the suite. It was a late night especially for me who usually never gets past 10 p.m. I was laying awake at 2 p.m. trying to wind down from all the excitement. Of course, I woke up at 6 am as usual. Around 11 we headed to Hayley's where we went out and had a wonderful breakfast on Roncevalles. It was fun but I'm glad next week will be less eventful.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal calls at work!

Everyone has them but typically most people I work with keep them to a bare minimum. Oh but there is always one or two people out there that abuse the priviledge. The young fella who is my cubicle mate does this a lot but thankfully most of the time he's speaking in Turkish so I don't really know what he's saying. On the other side of me, another co-worker is in a more difficult situation. He has a new cubicle mate and this new cubicle mate at one time sat on the other side of the wall from my co-worker. My co-worker had to endure listening to phone calls made to this guy's lawyer and exwife. To guitar shops and friends. We're not talking an hour, we're not talking a couple, we're talking more. Now this fellow is part of our team. Great!

Overheard yesterday by my co-worker.
"Hey, you know that thing you wanted to go to? I scored some tickets to it!!! Yeah. Are you happy???? ....... I just really want to make you happy! ...........I bet you are sooooo happy! ...............Oh I'm so glad I made you happy! Love you!!!!!

Please don't subject your co-workers to inane pointless conversations like this! And I hate to say it but I give this relationship 6 most. I'm sure she'll get tired of being asked how happy she is.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wicked sad

Well the other day I re-learned that old lesson that if you think something is wrong it probably is. I had the top portion of Hayley's wicked sweater done and my husband was going to attempt to take a shot of it. Looking at it I thought...hmmmm those raglan sleeves don't look right. I asked my husband if they looked strange to him. One side looked fine but the other side instead of slanting out at an angle seemed to angle down. He said it's just because it's on the circular needles it looks weird. So being positive I laboured on....and on....

My son and his fiance got their first place. They'd been living with her parents. We had to deliver a few items to them and I thought this is great. I can knit and finish the body up in the Jeep. I was weaving in all the ends and spreading it out on my lap to look at it....hmmmmm. I think that shoulder doesn't look any better. Hubby looks over and says does look weird. Darn it all. So the moral of the story is that things don't correct themselves over time. Now I have to frog the whole thing back. Go through all that collar business which I struggled with. The worst part for me is joining in the round. For some reason I have a hard time getting through without twisting it.

I've persevered on and after two attempt to join in the round and succeeding finally and ultimately I have finished the collar. The first attempt at this sweater was pretty good and other than the wonky shoulders it looked pretty darn good. Yvonne, my son's fiance being the nice person she is told me that Hayley would still probably wear it as is...haha. Yep she made it with love but obviously didn't know what she was doing. That might have worked when I was first learning and made some hats and mittens. I just knock it up to another learning experience. Thankfully this is a pattern that knits up very quickly.

One other nice thing I would like to mention in my blog is the niceness of knitting people. I've never met virtual strangers that reach out to their comrades like knitters do. It's awesome. In ravelry, I posted how my daughter would like to learn and asked about knitting groups and lessons. I got so many very helpful responses, from offers of private lessons at the Naked Sheep, Knitting night at Lettuce Knits and one person who lives in my daughters area who offered so kindly to meet her at a coffee shop and work with her. So far she's still struggling and her crazy schedule doesn't help matters. And every time I have an issue or don't understand I've posted online only to receive help in minutes. It's really helped me tremendously.
Well we're into September and where did the summer go. I think not having little children at home anymore you don't have the end of school that defines when the period begins and the return to school when it ends. I'm however sure that last summer seemed much longer than this one.