Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wicked sad

Well the other day I re-learned that old lesson that if you think something is wrong it probably is. I had the top portion of Hayley's wicked sweater done and my husband was going to attempt to take a shot of it. Looking at it I thought...hmmmm those raglan sleeves don't look right. I asked my husband if they looked strange to him. One side looked fine but the other side instead of slanting out at an angle seemed to angle down. He said it's just because it's on the circular needles it looks weird. So being positive I laboured on....and on....

My son and his fiance got their first place. They'd been living with her parents. We had to deliver a few items to them and I thought this is great. I can knit and finish the body up in the Jeep. I was weaving in all the ends and spreading it out on my lap to look at it....hmmmmm. I think that shoulder doesn't look any better. Hubby looks over and says does look weird. Darn it all. So the moral of the story is that things don't correct themselves over time. Now I have to frog the whole thing back. Go through all that collar business which I struggled with. The worst part for me is joining in the round. For some reason I have a hard time getting through without twisting it.

I've persevered on and after two attempt to join in the round and succeeding finally and ultimately I have finished the collar. The first attempt at this sweater was pretty good and other than the wonky shoulders it looked pretty darn good. Yvonne, my son's fiance being the nice person she is told me that Hayley would still probably wear it as is...haha. Yep she made it with love but obviously didn't know what she was doing. That might have worked when I was first learning and made some hats and mittens. I just knock it up to another learning experience. Thankfully this is a pattern that knits up very quickly.

One other nice thing I would like to mention in my blog is the niceness of knitting people. I've never met virtual strangers that reach out to their comrades like knitters do. It's awesome. In ravelry, I posted how my daughter would like to learn and asked about knitting groups and lessons. I got so many very helpful responses, from offers of private lessons at the Naked Sheep, Knitting night at Lettuce Knits and one person who lives in my daughters area who offered so kindly to meet her at a coffee shop and work with her. So far she's still struggling and her crazy schedule doesn't help matters. And every time I have an issue or don't understand I've posted online only to receive help in minutes. It's really helped me tremendously.
Well we're into September and where did the summer go. I think not having little children at home anymore you don't have the end of school that defines when the period begins and the return to school when it ends. I'm however sure that last summer seemed much longer than this one.

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