Saturday, February 28, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Question 5

This blog is for my Warm Ewe Up Yarn Swap. The moderator poses the question "What knitting/crochet pattern have you worked that you could see yourself making over and over and never get tired of?"

I would have to say Stephanie Pearl Mcphee's Basic Sock Recipe. I've made several sweaters that I thought I could make again but the problem is I don't have that much time to knit and they is just so much choice and variety out there that I doubt I would make a sweater pattern more than twice. The first item I made I have made 3 times but probably won't make it again.
The reason I pick the sock recipe, is that for socks sometimes the sock yarn makes the pattern and a basic sock pattern is all that is required.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter- Thematic Photographic

This week's Thematic Photographic is Winter as per Carmi. This picture was taken March 8th last year. This makes me feel a whole lot better about the snow we have this year. At the time I remember thinking when will I be able to enjoy a coffee out on my chair.

Ewe got to love this

I've been watching these little babies every night on my drive home and finally stopped today to get some shots. The one little lamb believes mom is a island on which he lives.
This guy I named Oreo. How original of moi!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Trip to Toronto

Hayley's 23th birthday was Thursday and since we couldn't make it then, we headed up early Saturday. We didn't tell her but Mike and Yvonne were coming too. For those that don't know, Mike is our older child. I thought it would be nice to keep this as a surprise for her. Well her reaction was priceless. As we pulled on to her street, I could hear my cellphone ringing from the back seat and I was struggling to reach it. I knew it must be Hayley calling to say where are you guys because as we pulled in it stopped ringing. As I got out of the car, Hayley came running out, screaming with glee, muttering this is the best present ever as she hugged her brother and Yvonne.

It was a beautiful afternoon so the 4 of us walked down the street to "Coffee and All that Jazz".

For dinner, we decided to venture closer to downtown and go to the Hard Rock Cafe. Across the road from Dundas Square there was an artist doing a painting on the sidewalk. Note the 3d drawing of the wishing well where people had thown has so much looks real. The sad thing is just 2 hours later there was so much snow on the ground his painting would be gone. It reminds me of the sand castles we saw up at Sauble Beach one year. So beautiful but short-lived.
When we ordered drinks in the Hard Rock, the waiter asked for id from Hayley and Yvonne. Hayley said "Sheesh it's my 23 birthday" Later, when she wasn't at the table he returned and asked her first name and said he planned a little birthday celebration public spectacle. I personally would detest anything like that for myself but we laughed because we knew that she had ratted herself out. He brought a large sundae out for her with 5 spoons and made her stand up and then he announced very loudly to the restaurant that it was Hayley's 23 birthday and he wanted everyone to yell Happy Birthday. When it was over we reminded her that she was the one that told him it was her birthday and she laughed and agreed. Here's some pictures from dinner including Tina Turner's dress which was right behind us, the ceiling at the entrance, Jeff, Mike and Yvonne, Mike enjoying his girlie drink and Hayley with her birthday Sundae. It's not often we get the opportunity to share a few hours together so we really cherish the hours we do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busted- Thematic Photographic

This is in response to Carmi's blog This is such a great idea I had to try. He posts a theme on Wednesday and if you take his challenge you post your own related photo. This weeks is "BUSTED" Here's mine! We were in St. Andrew's, New Brunswick this summer. I can't remember the name of the place but it was an aquarium and marine biology school. They had a nice picnic area look out onto the Atlantic. I declined to take a seat!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Love

It's the Eve of Valentine's Day and it just seems appropriate to say a few words about the person who has been my companion and partner for more than 30 years. I first met Jeff in Grade 11 when he was a new kid at school. He sat in front of me in Physics class. He was very cute with his beautiful long curls and dimples. One day he noticed quiet little me and the rest is history. I remember being very excited that someone as cool as him seemed interested in me. We survived Grade 12 even though his family moved 2 hours away. April 14th, 1979 we tied the knot. Yes, we were both officially still 19 years old but Jeff turned the big 20 while we were on our honeymoon. Reasons why I love this guy are:

1. The sweet things he does. For example, one time he brought a blizzard home for Hayley from town. It's a 15 minute drive but he drove with the air conditioning on full even though it wasn't summer.

2. He's supportive. No matter what. I have a friend whose husband will only buy her gifts from Canadian tire. Even when she wants items from other stores...he considers those other stores "girly stores" and he would be embarassed if someone saw him in them. My husband has no problem going to yarn stores, craft and gift stores with me. When Hayley's high school boyfriend's punk rock band was playing in the basement of the local gay bar, he attended. Yes, he did request that she walk him out after the band played. He would let Hayley play with his hair (often it has been longer than my own) and he'd realize later when he was out that he still had a barrette in the back. There was the time that she put nail polish on his fingers. It was a heat sensitive kind that looked clear when warm but went black in the cold. He forgot about it until he was pumping gas in the cold and noticed his black fingernails. We laughed later when he told me how he went into pay and noticed that the young fellow taking the money had black nail polish too.
3. He's got a strong work ethic. Not only at work but at home. In fact I've seen him work on fixing things late into the night to get them done.
4. He's kind.
5. He's intelligent. Something I recognized early on and I know it's something I'm attracted to.

I could probably go on forever but you get the idea. I can't imagine my life without him in it. Please excuse the quality of the old pictures. It just seems like yesterday!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movie Review Time

Last night, Jeff and I went to Kingston to see Slumdog Millionaire. I really didn't know much about this movie except that it was getting really good reviews and I'd heard touted as a feel good movie. Since Jeff always prefers the feel good movie to movies where people get killed or go through major tragedies I thought this would be a good movie. For those of you who do not know the story it's about a kid who grew up in the slums of Mumbai and his experience on India's version of Who wants to be a Millionaire. I will warn the faint of heart that although this movie does indeed have a happy ending there is scenes that are very disturbing. And although I got caught up in the story right away, I knew my husband was totally disturbed. I think he suffers from too big a heart. However, for me this was the best movie that I had seen in a while. In fact, it seems lately I've seen some really bad movies. For me Slumdog Millionaire, had some fantastic cinematography, the screenplay was great, and the film direction awesome. The soundtrack also went well with the film.

I remember when Jeff and I went to see Crash and I was totally enthralled with the story and anxious to talk about the story as we exited the theatre Jeff said that was the longest two hours of my life. I guess we can't always agree but he is always happy to go with me and I can't remember him ever saying no to something I wanted to see. I often make sure that we attend something that I know that he will enjoy even if I'm luke warm about it. Just to take one for the team.

One thing that I thought was a clear sign that everyone liked the film is that there is a dance number at the end of the film as the credits roll. The theatre was packed but yet no one got up, everyone sat and watched the whole number play. Usually there is a mass exodus as soon as it ends.

Warm Ewe Up Blog Question #4

On Feb 2nd I received this email from my husband with the subject Valentines.
Hey Sweetheart,Do you want to go to the final game against Amherstview Sat. Feb. 14thin Amherstview? It should be a good game. It could be like a Valentinesdate or something, with a romantic candlelight dinner and wine.XOXOXO,Jeff

Yeah, I bet you area all jealous aren't you? Oh, the game in question is between our local hockey team the Napanee Raiders and their arch rivals the Amherstview Jets. You can tell we've been married 30 years can't ya? The last time we actually went out for dinner on Valentines it was terribly crowded and slow so I'm more than happy to go to a game instead.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Swap Package #1

I'm so excited about my 1st Swap Package. It's like Christmas in January. Nothing like surprises to warm up a January day. Inside my package, my spoiler had wrapped everything in colourful tissue package and their was a nice card from her. First thing I opened was a beautiful skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky. The nicest yarn I've used to date was Misti Baby Alpaca which wasn't chunky. This is the same colour and has the same wonderful softness. Then I got a cute little sheep tape measure. Currently, I carry around a big old regular tape measure so this will be nice to put with my knitting stuff. I just love it. There was a gorgeous handknit dishcloth, 3 beautiful smelling candles and the Mason Dixon book that I believe I had on my wishlist. There are already things I wanted to make out of it. It just makes me wish I had more time to knit! Come one retirement!!! Ooops got to stop wishing my life away. And there was chocolate! Unfortunately, at the time of shooting only two pieces remain to be in the picture.

Oops forgot to put the book in the picture with the other items. It was over by the sofa where I'd been reading it. Here is a picture off the web of it!

Today was perfect! Not only did I get to enjoy this package but my son called in the morning and asked if they could drop over. They ended up staying all day and going to the movie with friends and came back here rather than heading back to Madoc.