Sunday, February 1, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Swap Package #1

I'm so excited about my 1st Swap Package. It's like Christmas in January. Nothing like surprises to warm up a January day. Inside my package, my spoiler had wrapped everything in colourful tissue package and their was a nice card from her. First thing I opened was a beautiful skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky. The nicest yarn I've used to date was Misti Baby Alpaca which wasn't chunky. This is the same colour and has the same wonderful softness. Then I got a cute little sheep tape measure. Currently, I carry around a big old regular tape measure so this will be nice to put with my knitting stuff. I just love it. There was a gorgeous handknit dishcloth, 3 beautiful smelling candles and the Mason Dixon book that I believe I had on my wishlist. There are already things I wanted to make out of it. It just makes me wish I had more time to knit! Come one retirement!!! Ooops got to stop wishing my life away. And there was chocolate! Unfortunately, at the time of shooting only two pieces remain to be in the picture.

Oops forgot to put the book in the picture with the other items. It was over by the sofa where I'd been reading it. Here is a picture off the web of it!

Today was perfect! Not only did I get to enjoy this package but my son called in the morning and asked if they could drop over. They ended up staying all day and going to the movie with friends and came back here rather than heading back to Madoc.


Tamsie said...

What a nice package - these swaps are fun!

NJ said...

I's definitely fun! I'm already excited to send out my second package!

Brenda said...

That is a great package! You have a very nice secret swap pal. Thanks for the pics of Toronto. I love seeing them.

Take care, and keep warm.

NJ said...

Brenda I'm glad you enjoy them. We've begun to enjoy going to Toronto in the last two years. At first coming from the country it was totally intimidating but now we are used to it and we especially like the area that our daughter has lived in since April. (Roncesvalles/High Park)

And yes I'm really happy with my package!

Mike Terry said...

My mom's maiden name is Lamb, she'd be super pumped on this. thanks for the nice comments on the blog.

NJ said...

Mike, there were some Lambs up the road here in Ontario about my children's age. I remember them well because when we first started building out this way we got stuck several times behind the school bus as it dropped the children off. The kids would roll out of the bus and the front door of the house would open and about 5 puppies, all roly poly and cute would attack the. It would have made a great shot if I'd had a camera handy back then. Your mom would probably love a lamb tape measure. The tail on the lamb is the tape part and you squeeze it's sides to retract it. Thanks for stopping by.