Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heard on the street

Recently I helped out with a United Way Pancake breakfast at work. These are held once a week for 4 weeks in November. The company that runs our cafeteria provides the sausage, bacon, and eggs. They make up the pancake batter and we make the pancakes. Everyone makes a donation to pay for their pancakes. The day I worked we were really short staffed. I was working with the finance department who had a forecast due so we started off with 3 and the last hour there was just the two of us. We were doing fine but the cafeteria staff couldn't keep up. We ran out of everything at least once which is slightly embarassing. The worst was when we ran out of pancake batter. Some people don't want the pancakes, just the eggs and bacon so I asked the increasing crowd if there was anyone who didn't want pancakes and got this reply from Andrew one of the technicians. "Nance, it's a pancake breakfast!" That was the best comment of the day!

This weekend I took the train to Toronto to go dress shopping with Hayley. As we walked down busy Queen West we heard a young woman talking on her cell phone loudly. She said, "I don't know what to do! He's even too big for the extra large condoms." In this day and age of cell phones do you find yourself hearing things you never thought you would hear?

Thematic Photographic 77 Buildings

I haven't blogged in quite a while and the only excuse I have is that I've been equal parts busy and uninspired. But Carmi's photochallenge and Hayley's posting of her Los Angeles photos gave me the desire to share these photos. Sorry Hayley but I'm sure you won't mind your mom sharing your photo. I thought that this building looks like something spies hide out in. I can picture Maxwell Smart or James Bond lurking about. Truthfully though this is Oakley (think sunglasses) headquarters in Los Angeles. It's pretty cool and they even have a tank!