Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Blog Question #4

On Feb 2nd I received this email from my husband with the subject Valentines.
Hey Sweetheart,Do you want to go to the final game against Amherstview Sat. Feb. 14thin Amherstview? It should be a good game. It could be like a Valentinesdate or something, with a romantic candlelight dinner and wine.XOXOXO,Jeff

Yeah, I bet you area all jealous aren't you? Oh, the game in question is between our local hockey team the Napanee Raiders and their arch rivals the Amherstview Jets. You can tell we've been married 30 years can't ya? The last time we actually went out for dinner on Valentines it was terribly crowded and slow so I'm more than happy to go to a game instead.


Frank Baron said...

You two must be doing something right. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

Brenda said...

That doesn't sound too bad! At least there's a nice dinner involved. It beats my Valentine's plans -- meeting with our accountant ;-)

We've also been married over 30 years.

NJ said...

Brenda, I'm lame. I told him because it was so crazy to go out for dinner at Valentines that I would make something. But yes much better than meeting with an accountant...

Frank, not sure if it's doing something right, or just averse to change. I did pick a good one I'll say that much.