Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mandatory Christmas Blog

Hayley's New Hat knit from Cascade Lana Grande
Pattern found here http://

Hayley's Mittens Knit in Cascade Lana Grande
That gets my knitting part out of the way. All I can say is I love this yarn and both patterns were great. I'm definitely going to make myself a pair of the mitts because they are so warm. Hayley was a bit disappointed to find out they are based on mittens seen in the movie twilight. She's definitely not a twilight fan but she did love the mitts. I knit the boy child a hat too but I was unable to obtain a picture of him in it. He's elusive that way.
I haven't been very good at updating lately but I feel I must post about my favourite holiday of the year. On the 23rd, Hayley was to take the train home and I had booked it online as I usually do. When she went to the kiosk with her printout and went to scan the upc code it requested that she insert the debit card that it was purchased with. Of course she could not do this because it was my card. This has never happened before so while she went to stand in the customer service line I called Via and was told that it was probably a problem with the kiosks and shouldn't of happened. So I wanted to call Hayley back and out of habit I called her landline at her apartment. Imagine my shock and bewilderment when a male voice answers. I politely said sorry wrong number and the voice said no Nancy it's Richard. Richard is her roommate. I explained what I had done and then wished him a Merry Christmas and attempted to call her cellphone again but this time instead of calling from my home phone I pick up my cell phone and make a long distance call on my cellphone that barely works from here in the boonies. I was definitely a bit discombobulated. In the end she obtained her ticket and arrived safely.

We went to Kingston, Christmas Eve morning so Hayley could do her Christmas shopping. I dropped her at the mall and I went to do some other errands. Other than the Liquour Store and the bakery being busy everything else was super quiet. I've always tried to avoid Christmas Eve shopping because it's just such a zoo. I went into the Urban Planet and there were the most awesome slogan t-shirts for incredibly cheap. $2.50-$8.00 I couldn't resists buying several.
Mike came over Christmas Eve and we had a really nice quiet evening together. Mike left Christmas Day to go back home as Yvonne had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so he wanted to make sure he was there when she was off work.
It's all over now and Hayley returned home on the 29th. Here's to another excellent Christmas Holiday and looking forward to a great year in 2010.