Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hockey and Knitting

Every Tuesday night is the night our Junior C team plays their home game. Last year Jeff decided that we should become fans so we started attending. At that point our team was already in the playoffs so there was mucho excitement. I'm not much for watching Hockey Night in Canada, too many bad memories of my dad yelling at us to be quiet during the game and memories of having to crawl under the tv so he wouldn't get mad at us for blocking the screen. He's a hardcore Canadian. But something in the Canadian comes out in me when I go to an arena. I feel the excitement. I feel like I'm part of the community even though I may only know a few people. I actually even think some night I might get lucky and win the fifty/fifty draw. This year I've been trying to take my knitting with me. Of course I can not knit while they are playing but between periods I can. The first time I tried it however it failed terribly. I wore my leather jacket and the sleeves kept catching my needles. Not a good effort at all. Now it's cold enough for my winter coat which sleeves don't gap as much. I was knitting away before the game started and had to jump up to let another couple pass. As I tried to move my pointy needles to a safe point where I wouldn't poke anyone the woman smiled and said I should have brought my knitting too. Then at the break after the first period, as hubby was relaxing with his feet resting on the seat in front of him, and holding my yarn in his lab, I looked up and to the right where te window to the heated bar area is and there was this woman watching me and smiling as I knit. Then I felt a bit self conscious about my technique but I still figure I could possible convert a large portion of that crowd into bringing their knitting to the game. What do you think?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This weeks knitting related events were the Knit Night at the local chapters. This happens once a month and was the 2nd time I've attended. It's a good group with a wide range of ages from twenties to late fifites. The conversation flows well with discussions on family, books, movies and knitting. I don't often just join groups on myself but knitters are all such a friendly bunch and I find this group to be quite welcoming.

I finished hubby's Big Fabel Socks. I really, really loved this yarn so much that I think I may go out and purchase more for Christmas socks for the kids. They knit up really fast. Wow do his feet ever look long in this picture. He's going on a weeklong outdoor adventure with the menfolk from his family next week and I asked him if he'd be embarrassed to wear patterned socks and he assured me he would wear them with pride. I'm working on another pair of heavy socks but much plainer in black and hopefully they will be ready for him to take with him.

On the subject of my husband whom I will be married to for a total of 30 years April 20th in 2009, the man will never ever grow up but I don't mind. I knew when I met him back in high school and then met his father that he was a man cut out of the same cloth has his beloved dad. On Friday morning, when I went outside to leave for work I found thick frost covering both our vehicles. I knew he was running really late and the last thing he would need is to come out and find his jeep covered in frost. So I started my car and scraped it and then scraped his off. Later that morning when I got back from my coffee break I got an email from him saying. "Thanks you are a total sweetheart. I think I will keep you. Love Jeff" I know it's such a small thing but I believe it's the respect and appreciation that keeps the love alive. And it lifted my morning up just that he took the time to send those few words!

Next week I'm planning on going to WoolTyme to take a lesson on seaming set-in sleeves for Hayley's Gathered Pullover I'm making. The body is complete except for the edging around the neck and some ends to weave in and I have one sleeve done but as I look at it I can't imagine that shape fitting in that hole but the owner of the LYS told me it will fit and I should take a real lesson. I want to learn to do this correctly and am excited for it. However, I must say I enjoy the technique for the sleeves on the Top Down Raglan Sweater I made for Hayley much better. :)

Here's a preview of the cable detail on the sweater. It's hard to see in the photograph unfortunately.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogging bug

I must have it...blogging two days in a row rather than waiting a month. On the way to see Stuart McLean we stopped into Chapters because we were a bit ahead of schedule. I picked up the Holiday edition of Voque Knitting and then wandered back to the Craft section where I saw Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits. Now I only have a couple of real knitting books, 2 Stitch 'n Bitch books and a couple from the Yarn Harlot and one called Knit Fixes (kindly bought for me last Christmas by my sweetheart daughter who know I need all the help I can get) Hmmm seems the girl who works with big numbers all days can't add small numbers...that's more than a couple. Back to the Custom Knits, I remember seeing some patterns from it on Ravelry that I liked and I glanced at it quickly and then threw all caution to the wind and purchased it. Later I took a better look at the book and have to say that I made a wise purchase. This book is great and full of lots of sweaters I would knit. I saw one I'd like to do for my son's fiance, some I'd make for Hayley and wow even some I'd make for myself....which I really should do...make something for myself that is. I tend to make 80% of the stuff for Hayley. A) she truly appreciates it and doesn't mind if it's not top notch quality. B.) she loves the thought that it's one of a kind and made for her. I'm just not always sure others will appreciate the handmade stuff. I'm feeling like there is so many things I want to make and not enough time to do it.

The Stuart McLean Vinyl Cafe show was excellent. I laughed at two new stories and Stuart also told one of my favourites..."My Dad is Dying". Joining him were Musical Talents Dala and Danny Michel. The Grand was packed to capacity. It was nice to see the old theatre redone but I don't think it's as beautiful as the Empire Theatre in Belleville. I would say the Empire Theatre spared no expense. The sound quality was fantatic at the Grand though. I purchased a Danny Michel CD and another Stuart cd

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Purple Purl Visit

This week I played hookie from work on Wednesday and Thursday so I can accompany my husband to Toronto to attend a training course. Truth be known I will take every opportunity I can to spend time with my daughter Hayley. I knew Hayley still had time vacation time left and I asked her if she would be able to take one day off to hang with her mom and she said she couldn't think of a better way to use her vacation. Oh what a sweet girl she is. I wish I lived closer...not Toronto exactly because I'm a small town person.

After a trip to Ikea where we could get Hayley some curtains for her living room (where I had flashbacks to the sixties and my mother's leaf motif plastic curtains) we headed to the Purple Purl . I found the most beautiful superwash yarn from the Southwest Trading Company in a beautiful dark cherry colour. I will make a central park hoodie out of it for Hayley. I'd love to get to it right away but I have the gathered pullover to finish (one sleeve to go) and some socks for Jeff and a hat before I start this but I'm excited none the less. The girls at the Purple Purl were so nice and helpful and I would definitely encourage anyone to check it out on a trip to Toronto. It was not that close to Hayley's hood but that didn't matter and I'm sure I'll be back at some point. The day was one of the perfect Canadian fall days and we had a great time. I almost forgot to mention lunch at Brad's Eatery on Roncevalles near Hayley's house. Great Food and Service. Even though I didn't eat all my veggies Hayley!!!

Looking forward to going to the Grander Grand in Kingston today to see Stuart McLean tell his Vinyl Cafe stories. It's our first trip to the Grand since it's been redone. I'm excited to see if the new seats are better than the could they be worse? It looks pretty splashy from the outside. It's another perfect fall day out so just the drive to Kingston should be pretty.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Note to self

If you plan on attempting to knit while attending the local hockey game make sure you wear a coat that does not have big sleeves. It's almost impossible to knit a sock when the needles keeps geting caught on the inside of your sleeve. It looks clumsy! And feels worse. So much for knitting last night but on good side my team won 9-5. Go Raiders Go!