Sunday, October 26, 2008

This weeks knitting related events were the Knit Night at the local chapters. This happens once a month and was the 2nd time I've attended. It's a good group with a wide range of ages from twenties to late fifites. The conversation flows well with discussions on family, books, movies and knitting. I don't often just join groups on myself but knitters are all such a friendly bunch and I find this group to be quite welcoming.

I finished hubby's Big Fabel Socks. I really, really loved this yarn so much that I think I may go out and purchase more for Christmas socks for the kids. They knit up really fast. Wow do his feet ever look long in this picture. He's going on a weeklong outdoor adventure with the menfolk from his family next week and I asked him if he'd be embarrassed to wear patterned socks and he assured me he would wear them with pride. I'm working on another pair of heavy socks but much plainer in black and hopefully they will be ready for him to take with him.

On the subject of my husband whom I will be married to for a total of 30 years April 20th in 2009, the man will never ever grow up but I don't mind. I knew when I met him back in high school and then met his father that he was a man cut out of the same cloth has his beloved dad. On Friday morning, when I went outside to leave for work I found thick frost covering both our vehicles. I knew he was running really late and the last thing he would need is to come out and find his jeep covered in frost. So I started my car and scraped it and then scraped his off. Later that morning when I got back from my coffee break I got an email from him saying. "Thanks you are a total sweetheart. I think I will keep you. Love Jeff" I know it's such a small thing but I believe it's the respect and appreciation that keeps the love alive. And it lifted my morning up just that he took the time to send those few words!

Next week I'm planning on going to WoolTyme to take a lesson on seaming set-in sleeves for Hayley's Gathered Pullover I'm making. The body is complete except for the edging around the neck and some ends to weave in and I have one sleeve done but as I look at it I can't imagine that shape fitting in that hole but the owner of the LYS told me it will fit and I should take a real lesson. I want to learn to do this correctly and am excited for it. However, I must say I enjoy the technique for the sleeves on the Top Down Raglan Sweater I made for Hayley much better. :)

Here's a preview of the cable detail on the sweater. It's hard to see in the photograph unfortunately.

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