Friday, March 27, 2009

Maple Syrup Money

Many of my co-workers have maple trees and tap them and process maple syrup. This particular year has been very productive for them. And they now have many gallons of the sweet stuff to show for their efforts. One mentioned a post in a blog regarding making money from Maple Syrup. I'm not quoting word for word, just as I heard it from my friend Willie. Apparently, you can make money from maple syrup, if 1. your land was handed down to you from your father and 2. Your father had all the maple syrup processing equipment. After you've sold all your maple syrup, you return your empties and that's your profit.

It just seemed so ultimately canuck so I had to share!

Thematic Photographic 42 "DRAB"

I took a walk to the abandoned farm next door to capture a "drab" picture for Carmi's challenge. See here for details I wasn't able to take part for the last two because I had no inspiration. Walking around the farm is quite sad and quiet except for the buzzing of flies in the barn. No one has lived there in years. The people who do own it used to love to come here and go to auctions and the house and property has collected junk ooops I mean antiques over the years. The grass hasn't been cut in a few years and the property is totally overgrown. From time to time, people have expressed interest in the property but I believe the owner is reluctant to sell. It was their dream to one day live there. Now I'm sure it's all quite overwhelming. I couldn't decide which shot to post so here is a few.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Winter Swap Package #2

On Friday, I received my 2nd Swap package. What a nice way to end the week! It contained a beautiful ball of JWRAYCo Hand Painted Yarn in a Variegated Red. I rewound it because my swap partner encouraged me to either use it right away or store in a cool place. Even though it's fairly cool here I decided to find out what surprises lay hidden in the ball of yarn. Inside were Dove Dark Chocolates with Almond and some beautiful red stitch markers. It's kind of a neat way to do things. There were a set of needles, a valentine dishcloth, a cute red notebook, a little squishy black lamb like the real ones at the end of our road and a authographed by the author Vintage Sock Book. I really love the book because it has a lot of nice men's socks in it. Thanks Secret Pal! I love it all!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thematic Photographic Transparent

It took me a while to determine what I should photograph to hit this category but being the smart and creative person I am of course I came up with this idea. Oh shoot, can feel my nose growing. It was Jeff's idea. So the credit does go to him. This is a piece of leaded glass I picked up a few years ago at the big summer craft show in Picton. It hangs in my bay window that looks out into my backyard and woods. Even though it contains some "translucent" and "opaque" glass it also has sections of transparent glass and you can see the trees in the woods through them.