Friday, March 27, 2009

Maple Syrup Money

Many of my co-workers have maple trees and tap them and process maple syrup. This particular year has been very productive for them. And they now have many gallons of the sweet stuff to show for their efforts. One mentioned a post in a blog regarding making money from Maple Syrup. I'm not quoting word for word, just as I heard it from my friend Willie. Apparently, you can make money from maple syrup, if 1. your land was handed down to you from your father and 2. Your father had all the maple syrup processing equipment. After you've sold all your maple syrup, you return your empties and that's your profit.

It just seemed so ultimately canuck so I had to share!


Hilary said...

Mmmm maple syrup! Thanks for sharing. ;)

Ruth said...

Ha, that's funny! My husband would like to tap our trees, and it always sounds like SO much work. But it would be satisfying to do at least once. It just takes so much sap for a gallon of syrup!

NJ said...

Hilary, thanks for dropping by.

Ruth, Apparently, it is a lot of work from what I hear and the people I know who do are really happy when they are done. The few maples we have are in the photo on the post are at the very back of our property which is a mile deep. I don't think I would want to haul pails that far. We don't really have a real road to that location.

Mojo said...

Sounds to me like it's not a real lucrative business. But it sure tastes good.