Monday, April 6, 2009

Thematic Photographic 43 Reflective

Carmi's photo challenge this week is reflective. A quick trip to Bloomfield to taste some wine and enjoy some dinner that turned into a 30th anniversary/50th birthday surprise celebration had me reflecting on how wonderful people can be. Sunday morning we visited the Art Gallery next door where I got this perfect shot for this theme. It even has a reflection of my brother in law captured in the stone.


Carmi said...

I love that sculpture...the reflection is mesmerizing. I've always wanted to go to Chicago to shoot pictures around the gigantic reflective jellybean. But this one's a lot closer!

Mojo said...

Now that is what I call a gazing ball! wow!

Fabulous shot!

Hilary said...

Wonderful shot. I love the more subtle reflection of your brother in law best of all.

Hayley said...

That picture is absolutely beautiful Mom! It certainly is reflective! Reflection in the sphere as well as the rock! I didn't even notice the reflection in the rock at first!

Ruth said...

Your birthday? Happy Birthday if so!

We are close to that: My husband just turned 54 on the 4th, and we celebrate our 31st anniversary today.

NJ said...

Thanks Carmi! It's a pretty cool structure and so cool that it's out in the rural area. Not Chicago!

Thanks Mojo!

Thanks Hilary! Yes it's kind of surprising that there is a secondary reflection.

Ruth, my husband's 50th birthday is on the 20th and our 30th wedding anniversary is on the 14th. This was to celebrate my 50th birthday but let's say I'm not celebrating till I at least hit it which is over a month away!