Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal calls at work!

Everyone has them but typically most people I work with keep them to a bare minimum. Oh but there is always one or two people out there that abuse the priviledge. The young fella who is my cubicle mate does this a lot but thankfully most of the time he's speaking in Turkish so I don't really know what he's saying. On the other side of me, another co-worker is in a more difficult situation. He has a new cubicle mate and this new cubicle mate at one time sat on the other side of the wall from my co-worker. My co-worker had to endure listening to phone calls made to this guy's lawyer and exwife. To guitar shops and friends. We're not talking an hour, we're not talking a couple, we're talking more. Now this fellow is part of our team. Great!

Overheard yesterday by my co-worker.
"Hey, you know that thing you wanted to go to? I scored some tickets to it!!! Yeah. Are you happy???? ....... I just really want to make you happy! ...........I bet you are sooooo happy! ...............Oh I'm so glad I made you happy! Love you!!!!!

Please don't subject your co-workers to inane pointless conversations like this! And I hate to say it but I give this relationship 6 most. I'm sure she'll get tired of being asked how happy she is.

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