Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today, we took in the sights of Halifax. It was another absolutely beautiful day. I can't believe how lucky we've been. We went to the Citadel and took a tour lead by a soldier's wife Clare. We also had a concert by bagpipers. Since growing up in Kincardine where there is a bagpipe parade every Saturday night, I don't usually get too excited about bagpipes but I guess it had been a while and I truly enjoyed the concert. They also shot off the cannon at noon which they do 364 days a year.

We killed over 2 hours at the Citadel and I thought it was best to head to the waterfront because we wanted to do both the Atlantic Marine Museum and the Alexander Keith Brewery Tour. On the way back down to the water we stopped at a confectionary shop called Freak Lunchbox. The young man at the cash greeted us with a friendly hello. This was the best candy store I'd been in as it also had lots of toy items like tin lunchboxes, gumby and pokey's and other not normally seen items. I picked up a t-shirt for Hayley (because she like's freaky things I figured a t-shirt that said Freak Lunchbox fit the bill and a few other items.) The young man commented on my good taste on the other items I bought but this must remain a secret. Some gifts must remain secret.

We finally arrived at the Marine Museum. What a great display. The first thing we saw was this huge lens from a lighthouse. Quite amazing.

Halifax has so much history and there are very extensive displays on the Halifax Disaster and the Titanic. We also got to tour the CSS Acadia and watch a 3D film about going down to the wreckage of the Titanic.

We really needed much more time for this museum than we had. In fact, we were the last people out of the building before it closed.
We went for a nice dinner at a seafood place called McKelvie's. Our waiter was a really nice guy and the service was excellent. Jeff had Jambalaya and I had a nice seafood pasta with haddock, scallops and shrimp. They also served a delicious bannock bread. After dinner we trucked it down to Alexander Keith's to do the tour only to find out that they were done for the night. However we still picked up some gifts from the Alexander Keith's store including two cold one's for the road!!

Tomorrow it's a long drive to Grand Fall's NB. No sightseeing just a travel day inbetween here and Quebec City on Friday.

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