Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First real day of Fun

Yesterday was a long, long day of driving. Lots of beautiful scenery through New Hampshire and Maine though. We stayed as planned in Bangor Maine. In the morning we decided that we would just head out on the GPS route and stop somewhere enroute for coffee and breakfast. Unfortunately, the route from Bangor to Calais has no real breakfast stops anywhere. I was just dying for a coffee by the time we reached the US/Canada border. And my head was telling me you need caffeine!!! We drove right through to St. Andrews. What a beautiful place. We nixed breakfast and went to the Red Herring Pub where Jeff was super excited to see that they offered wheat-free Fish & Chips. Seemed to be a lot of locals enjoying their lunch there as well. We enjoyed the friendly small town banter. Also, an elderly gentlemen we met who worked as a waiter at the Red Herring lives in Key West during the winter. After lunch, we wandered around and spent some money and booked a whale watching trip for early in the morning on board a tall ship

We finally decided to go check in at the Treadwell Inn. This was a very pleasant surprise. It's quaint and cozy and the price wasn't too bad at all. Not only do we have a key to our room but we also have a key to the Inn because later on in the evening they just close the place down.

For supper, we dined at the Harbour Front Restaurant. We both had the Seafood Brochette which has salmon, lobster, shrimp and scallops. Huge plate of food with baked potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli. We feel great that we got to eat outside for both meals of the day. Jeff said it reminded him of our vacation to Akumal where we ate outside for every meal.

The Kennedy Inn. We obviously have to go here for drinks tomorrow.

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