Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 2 St Andrew's

Last night we set our cell phones to go off plus the clock radio to ensure that we would not be late for our whale watching cruise. I thought that the time on our cellphones was Eastern Standard time so I suggested that we set them for 5 a.m. which would be 6 a.m. Atlantic time. It was my second night in a row of interrupted sleep. I woke up at 4:30 and I was thinking that our cellphones wouldn't ring until 6 but no...they did ring at 5:00 a.m. I guess they readjust automatically to whatever time zone you are in. Jeff's was on the dresser and mine on the night stand. Jeff made a graceful dash to get his. At this point we discussed the time and we decided if we reset the the cellphones for 6:30 we would still have time to get to the cruise. I fell back to sleep and was again woken by the cellphone. Had our showers and were all ready to go when the cruise company called us to tell us the fog was too thick. They scheduled us on their 4:30 pm. cruise. At least we were up and at it to start the day. We went out to the Huntsman Aquarium. We saw a one month old seal pup and the biggest Atlantic Sturgeon you could imagine.
Seriously, I may have bad dreams about these guys. This aquarium has university courses for Marine Bioligists from several different universities.

Jeff took a walk on the ocean floor,

we went to see the Fairmont Algonguin where Stephen King stayed and got the inspiration for the movie the Shining.

We ate lunch and drank wine on the porch of the Kennedy Hotel.

We went into a few of the stores we missed yesterday and then it was time to go whale watching on the tall ship. It was quite warm when we left but windy and wavy. They warned us that the people at the front of the boat might get wet from waves splashing over the side. One of the young crew members offered us raincoats which we declined as we were at the back of the boat. About one minute out in the Passamaquoddy Bay I got drenched with salt water from a wave that splashed over the side. I grabbed my jacket and thought great, now I will be frozen. The young man who so kindly offered us jackets said to would you like that raincoat now?

It was a long ride to get to where the whales were but the crew were funny.

The owner of the boat liked to act pirate like and his captain was cut out of the same cloth. The two young crew members were so nice. They served homemade pirate soup (not made of pirates but peas) IOn the way back they brought around sea creatures for the young kids to touch. They really went all out for the people. I talked to the one young man for a bit and he told me that he had to go out for a party cruise after this one and wouldn't get done until late but he didn't mind because they got pretty good tips. He said he could be working in a kitchen and hate it and I told him Hayley's story about how she would rather cut off her index finger than work at McDonald's again. It's early in the whale season, they just started showing up again in the last week or 2, but we did get to see a couple of Minke whales. Even though we didn't see as many whales as in Tofino it was still a truly enjoyable night.

It was 8:45 when we got back to the Inn and had to unlock our Inn for the first time. It felt weird unlocking the front door.We were too tired to go out for dinner at this point so we just had some snacks in the room. It was a long day and I'm sure tonight I will sleep good. Tomorrow we head for Saint John to see Jeff's old hood. And then on to Alma for the next two days. Alma is on the Bay of Fundy near the Hopewell Rocks.

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