Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cabot Trail

Yesterday, we had breakfast inside the Lynwood Inn Main House. Our waitress had that wonderful Cape Breton charm and sense of humour. On the menu there was an item called Cape Breton Oat Cakes so I ordered a couple with my breakfast. They were essentially a warm, flat, square oatmeal cookie and they served it with butter. This was what was crumbled on my Cape Breton Sundae the day before. I told the waitress they were good and she told me "Dear to tell you the truth I'm not fond of the one's here but up on the Cabot Trail, the Clucking Hen makes the best ones." So we decided to check it out on our way up the trail.

After breakfast we walked over to Baadeck Yarns. www.baadeckyarns.com It was Yarn Heaven. The selection was unbelievable. The woman who help us was very nice and told us she was originally from Toronto but came to Baddeck 15 years ago for a two week vacation and never left. She was a computer programmer in Toronto. Many times when I'm on vacation I've wanted to do the same thing and it's nice to hear that some people actually do it. I walked out of the store with yarn for Hayley's "Wicked" Sweater" http://www.zephyrstyle.com/catalog/item.cfm/2367447/3974522 and Baadeck Yarn's Fleece Artist called Baadeck Summer yarn for a lace scarf.

After the Yarn store we headed up the North Shore of the Cape Breton. The sun started to break through the clouds. The scenery along this route is the most breathtaking I've ever seen. I swear we only drove for 10 minutes at a time and had to pull over for observation points. Each was miraculously more beautiful than the next. I believe Jeff said the trip around if you were to drive it takes 4 hours but it took us 9 hours. That included dinner at the Rusty Anchor and Jeff's dip in the ocean. Words can not describe this area so I'll just leave some pictures.

This is where Jeff went and took a dip in the ocean. Moments after we pulled over it started to rain. At least the rain washed the salt water off him. He had lots of fun getting undressed and dressed in my little car.

This morning we head to Halifax. We'll probably check out the downtown area today and the Alexander Keith brewery and then tomorrow we'll head out of the city towards Peggy's Cove and Mahone Bay.

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John said...

It's so nice to read of someone totally enjoying their trip and be open to what can be learned (eg Bell). I too came from Toronto 30 years ago, and never left. There's lots of us out there that have made the dream work. What a place is Cape Breton!