Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, I'm really tiring of winter. Although the snow is beautiful, it does inconvenience me. Tonight's drive home took about 1 hour as opposed to 40 minutes. I decided to not play with the big trucks on the 401 so I took the back roads. The first road had not been plowed yet and the snow was about 5 or 6 inches high and heavy. Slow going it was. Once off that stretch, it was much better but I don't think I got over 70 km's per hour once. Now I'm home safe and sound all is good. I really would like winter much better if I didn't have to drive so far.

Hayley at Sunrise Grill

The weekend was lovely. Bright and crisp. My favourite type of winter weather. We headed out early to Toronto to visit Hayley. It was perfect for travelling! We arrived around lunch, grabbed Hayley and went to the Sunrise Grill on Roncesvalles for Brunch. It was that great stick to the ribs kind of breakfast.

Then we headed off to the Beaches Area which is the other side of Toronto from where Hayley lives. What a lovely area. However, it didn't seem too beachy at this time of the year. We went to the Naked Sheep where I bought Rowan Cocoon for the Owl Sweater I'm going to make Hayley. What a lovely neat and tidy store. We then took a stroll down a few blocks to see what other stores we could check out. We definitely need to return in the warmer seasons.

See the Beaches Grill on the corner. Looks very beachy but the weather wasn't!

That evening Hayley and her roommate Richard cooked us a really great dinner. It was very tasty! We enjoyed dinner and watched the Crashed Ice event on tv which I mentioned in my last post. Then we headed to our hotel 5 minutes away. It was clean and nice except the fact that it backed on the Gardiner's Expwy. The only noise we usually hear is wolves howling and not the constant sound of traffic. I think we'll try a different spot next time.

On the corner of Hayley's street is this shop which has Stained Glass Lamps and stained Glass. It always looks so inviting in the evenings.

Sunday we headed back to Hayley's and took Hayley and Richard skating. Well I should say that I watched. Last time, I skated was when the kids were little and my ankles killed me so I never tried again. Hayley hadn't skated in about 10 years and Richard 2. Jeff of course has been pretty actively skating. The rink we went to was super. It's outdoors but had a nice warm building to change into your skates. Many young families were there. Many new Canadians learning to take part in a great Canadian activity. It just had such a happy feel there.

The Skaters, Jeff, Hayley and Richard


Hilary said...

Sounds and looks like it was a great day. I enjoy the Sunrise for brunch though I find they server too much food. A nice way to spend a weekend morning though.. thanks for the reminder. ;)

NJ said...

Hilary I do agree about the portion size. Massive to say the least.