Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knit Night

Last night was our monthly knit night. It's normally held in the community room at Chapters but we couldn't use that room this month so it was arranged to meet at a local library. We were positioned comfortably downstairs by the window in nice comfy tub style chairs looking out on the park. There were 8 of us total and like always the conversation flowed. As one of the women was telling a story and we were laughing, we were suddenly shushed. By teenagers studying for January exams. OOOOPS! It's a bit disconcerting to be dressed down by children younger than your own children. We had a hard time gaining our composure. We tried our best to whisper but it was hard. As someone said the library was probably not the best choice for us. If we'd wanted to knit quietly we could of done that at home. Edit I just realized can you imagine the shame involved if I'd been kicked out of the library!!! :)

Got a lot of comments on my pretty harmony needles. I'll have to take a picture of them for my blog but tonight I'm just too tired!


Hilary said...

Years ago, a few friends and I would get together for what we called our "Stitch and Bitch" night. Some would stitch, others would stamp or do different crafts, or even catch up on our fund raising work since many of us were in the Parents' Association a the time. It was just an excuse to get together and do more bitching than stitching. Oh and we ate!

Anyway, there were never more than about 8 of us at a time, and we'd simply rotate homes. Eventually, my home became the spot, and others just brought some munchies. Are there too many of you to rotate homes? Or is your whole point getting out somewhere different?

NJ said...

I just joined probably about 4 months ago. I think it was started by the local yarn store in Kingston. So all though some of the younger girls with small children seem to have become really close friends, the rest of us are mostly friendly acquaintances. From what I understand the community room at Chapter's is usually available but this time they though that they were going to be starting renovations. Everyone is spread out too. I drive about 30 minutes to get there. I'm really glad I joined the group because the last few years I've sort of let work take over my life. It's definitely time to work on the work/life balance.

Hilary said...

Sounds like a great outlet for you. And I know that's a great city. So much character and charm. My son is in Kingston at RMC

NJ said...

It is a charming place. I just love the area close to downtown. Plus many other beautiful places close by. We've been very happy in this area.

Good for your son! One of my friend's son wanted to go there but never got in. He had visions of being a pilot. What is your son taking there?