Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold enough for you?

I've tired of hearing that question from someone who sits in the next row of cubicles at the plant. Yes it has been brutally bitterly cold but I always find that kind of a dumb question. No one is going to answer, "Oh no I'd like it to drop another 10 degrees c and I'd feel more comfortable!"

My heart went out to those in Toronto who lost power last night. I received an email from Hayley saying that last night she went to the Bloor Cinema and they only got through the trailers and the power went out. She said it was out from Bathurst to High Park and as she turned onto her own street off Dundas W. all the power was off except for the last 6 houses of which one was hers. Her apartment is chilly in the winter at the best of times so if the heat went off I'm sure it would have been frigid. She was very, very happy! I heard this morning that the power was still out.
It definitely would have been a good week to curl up with one's knitting on the couch.
These pictures were taken last Sunday before the deep freeze hit. As you can see in the one shot the bay is now snow covered. It wasn't long ago that there was open water.

I used my Christmas money from Dad to order a set of Knitpicks needles and after more than two weeks they arrived today. They look beautiful. I'm anxious to try them out.

I've been working on these socks. They were part of the Robyn's Nest Sock Club for December and the pattern is called Massie and the yarn is a Zen Garden. It has little threads of bling throughout it. I absolutely love knitting with this at night because it actually sparkles. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't do it justice. No sparklies! I do love the pattern. This is my first patterned socks unless you count Thuja...that was much simpler.


Ruth said...

Hello, I have to laugh too that weather is always a topic of conversation here. But I think it's even colder up there. Wow. Stay warm.

Nice to be our age and have a grown girl and boy, eh? Thanks for stopping by synchronizing!

NJ said...

It is nice to have kids all grown up. My brother is one year younger and his children are 6 and 8. They look very tired now but happy of course.

The weather is better now. It's only 18 F now which I can handle.

Tamsie said...

We call those "elevator conversations." They always seem to feature either the weather (hot/cold/wet enough for ya?) or frequently day-of-the-week observations, also utterly predictable and dumb. You know, "I'm okay I guess, considering it's Monday." etc. onward to Tuesday ("At least it's not Monday anymore"), Wednesday ("Hump day" which sounds vaguely obscene), Thursday ("I'm good, tomorrow is Friday!") and finally the longed-for Friday. It's so sad, to hate everything except two days for watching TV and shopping. Oops, let me hop off this soapbox. Anyhow, my friend Aaron and I have a whole joke routine about "elevator chat." Ever see the movie Office Space? It includes idle office-talk.

Hilary said...

Yes those power outages in To. must have been brutal. It's much warmer now, but is it snowy enough for you? ;)

NJ said...

Haha Hilary. No it isn't snowy enough. I'd love another 20 cm's with a touch of freezing rain! I'm sure it's making for some nice pictures for you!

I was wondering what kind of camera you have. Of course mine is a point and shoot but my daughter bought herself a digital slr after Christmas and she is anxious to start taking some awesome photos herself.

Hilary said...

I'd love a digital SLR too. But for now I'm enjoying my Canon PowerShot S3 1S. I really need to put that info on my blog. I'm asked that nearly as often as we all are about the weather. ;)

NJ said...

Hilary, my mother in law has the same camera as you and she takes awesome photographs with it. For me I was just happy to finally get a camera that I could take fairly decent shots with. I seem to be challenged trying to focus in and would always get my shot offcenter. Now that I have this camera with the big screen I can see right away what my shot will be.

My husband is torn about getting a digital slr just because they are so much larger. His takes good pics too and it's much handier to use if your doing something adventurous like ziptrekking over a mountain bed. Other than that he would love one.

NJ said...

Tamsie, we don't have any elevators at work but we definitely have that type of conversation. Must be universal.

Tamsie said...

"Tamsie, we don't have any elevators at work but we definitely have that type of conversation. Must be universal."

Especially on Mondays . . . :)

Brenda said...

As a transplanted Canadian, I still love looking at pictures of snow. Here in LA, people complain bitterly when it's cold -- meaning it doesn't get above 60 degrees (16 celsius) during the day. Luckily it has warmed up since then!


NJ said...

Brenda, I like the change of the seasons but this one season is a bit too long. I'm sure you know what I mean. It's funny when I was younger and we lived up in Thunder Bay where it was really cold I didn't mind so much. We were more involved in outdoor activities like Skiing and Snowmobiling. The worst part for me is commuting to work. Other than that I don't really mind.