Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

Last week, we took off on a road trip to PEI. I rented a 2 bedroom cottage through a co-worker in the teeny tiny town of Burton. I'm not sure why it even has a town name. Nearby, is the larger towns of Bloomfield and O'Leary.

It seemed like everything was against this vacation happening. Hayley who was going to come with us was to take the via rail Friday from Toronto. Well Via went on strike. My old car has no air conditioning and even though I'm confident running around the area here with it, Toronto is about as far as I think it should go. Jeff's Jeep just isn't a long distance vehicle even though it's quite new so we decided to get our GMC Safari back on the road. It had a shimmy and that's why we took it off the road about a year and a half ago because at the time we didn't really need it and couldn't be bothered to fix it. It's a great vehicle for long trips with lots of space for carrying gear along. Unfortunately, after sitting idle for a year and a half more had gone wrong with it. Jeff was clear with the garage that the shimmy was his first priority and if they couldn't fix it he didn't want the other items fixed. Well to make a long story short we spent over $2000 and we still have the shimmy. Thursday I made the executive decision to rent a vehicle for the trip. Friday we picked it up and I headed off to Toronto in my car and Jeff headed home to pack the rental car. I scooped up Hayley, who hasn't had a real vacation since we went to Mexico for her 19th birthday. That's 4 years!!! She was in dire need of a vacation. We drove to Drummondville QC Friday night and then took the final piece of the trip on Saturday. After 6 nights in PEI, we headed back and stayed 2 nights in Quebec City.

It turned out to be a wonderful trip that we will remember forever. Here are some of our memories. Enjoy!
The Bright Blue Cottage where we stayed in Burton.

The view up the road from the cottage.

The Beach Across the Road

North Cape Wind Farm

Hayley and Jeff Enjoying a Cold one in Old Quebec

Building in D'youville Quebec

Fireworks competition at Montmorency Falls to cap off our trip.


Ruth said...

You had wilderness and you had Quebec City - a good balance. We have always wanted to go to Quebec, but it's been a while since I thought about it. I hope you came back rested.

NJ said...

Ruth, Thank you we did come back rested. And you should definitely go to Quebec City. It's one of my favourite places...luckily it's only 5 hours away.

Hilary said...

Oh wonderful.. I looove PEI! And I could almost smell the ocean. Love the shot of the blue flippers on the familiar red sand.

Frank Baron said...

Glad you had a good time. Great pics!

NJ said...

Thanks Hilary and Frank!

Hayley said...

That's MY lobster trap photo, you thief!!

NJ said...

Not your photo dear! Your concept which yes I did steal because it was so awesome!

Ashley said...

Great photos Nancy!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to goto PEI someday!