Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter 2010

It's been some time since I've posted. It's not that I haven't had anything to say or post I guess I'm suffering from a case of winter lethargy. I meant to post some pictures from our trip to Ottawa early January and didn't. Pictures from our latest trip to Toronto where we visited not only Hayley but my brother and his family. We took the girls skating at Dufferin Square near Hayley's house. I wanted to talk about what a wonderful family oriented outdoor rink this is. And it's free!!! How many things are these days. Even if you don't own skates you can rent them there for a Twoonie!

This last week I've been a bit pre-occupied thinking about a beautiful young women that has gone missing in our community. It always blows me away that someone can just disappear overnight especially when that person is responsible and loved. I feel for her family and hope that she is found safe and sound eventually.

This week Napanee hosted the Ontario Men's 2010 Tankard. In my younger days I did partake in a few bonspiels when we lived in the Lakehead. It was always a lot of fun. Jeff and I were curious to see how they transformed the rink where we watch the Raider's play on Tuesdays. It was good to see such a great turn out and what they had done.

Below are some pictures I took yesterday downtown Napanee. Enjoy!

The Napanee Townhall. See how little snow we have for February. I'm not complaining!

The giant curling rock ice sculpture that was put up in honour of the 2010 Tankard.

The Clock Tower of the Old Napanee Post Office.


Hilary said...

Nice photos! I stayed in Napanee once when we got stuck in traffic on the 401, on our way to Montreal in a snow storm. We never really saw the town though.. headed out first thing in the morning. Now I know what we missed. ;)

Ruth said...

The light is wonderful in the photos of Napanee. I can feel it, what it must be like to walk there in the winter sun.

Brenda said...

Hi Nancy,
I can understand your not writing in your blog more often. I hardly ever write in mine.

But I do like to keep in touch from time to time. I've been using Facebook and twitter for that.
Anyway, hope all is well with you and your family.

Nice pix by the way!