Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's all say Thanks

First and foremost I am most thankful that when Hayley called last night at 2 a.m our time 11 p.m California time that it wasn't because she had been raped or robbed but that she had run into Rod Stewart on the street and she HAD HAD to tell someone!!!!! Sure she could of waited but by then the excitement would have dwindled. She's not a fan of Rod although I am and I think it's really reassurance that she's currently where the celebrated congregrate.

But what I'm really really thankful for is that I have for the most part a happy healthy family. That this recession we heard about constantly really hasn't affected my immediate family much. I'm thankful that I have a roof over our heads, 2 beautiful children, and good jobs. I'm also so thankful that I get to live in Canada. I love this country. I'm thankful that I have a good head on my shoulders. I try to tell my children to appreciate their lives as much as possible and when things seem bad realize they could always be much worse and the bad is usually short term. And I'm always thankful for the wild turkeys that feel free to travel through my yard.


Hilary said...

Funny.. when I was reading your first paragraph, the Rod Stewart lyric "young hearts be free tonight" ran through my head. Then I scrolled down to see they photo of the Young Turk(key)s. ;)

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday, NJ. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Ashley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy!!

Ruth said...

Hear hear.

Carmi said...

Amen to every word. I wish more folks took more time to be more thankful. The world would be a better place if they did.

Thankfully you'll continue to set the right tone.