Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hayley's Uhura

This was originally supposed to be my knitting blog which morphed into somewhat of a hodgepodge of things. Now I feel rather odd when I put something knitting related in it but I was so excited with how the Uhura tank from the Twist Collective that I just finished for Hayley turned out. I've only done one lace scarf before so I learned a lot. The pattern is quite easy. I made the xs and was worried that it might be too small but it fits perfectly. I also didn't make the hole in the front because Hayley said she would prefer it without. The yarn is Be Sweet Bamboo which I understands stretches so I didn't want it to be too loose from the start. The yarn has such a nice deep shiny colour and is supersoft. Hayley said that it felt good. Bamboo also has an antibacterial component to it. After we left her apartment she said some friends dropped over and and asked where she bought her top and she was proud to say my mom made it for me. Then her roommate returned and he liked it too. She gave me an A+ on this one.

On a side note, we had a lovely visit with her. We had a late breakfast (afternoon) at French Toast just around the corner from her apartment. It was lovely and sunny out and we walked. She got a call from her work asking if she would be available Sunday night to work the door at one of the Tiff parties. For those who don't know TIFF is the Toronto International Film Festival. So then we had to rush back to her place to find something suitable. Since Hayley works in a warehouse environment her closet is not brimming with fancy dresses. We decided upon a plain black dress she has and headed out to find some dressy shoes to wear with it. We found these fun little flats appropriately named Pizzaz to wear with it. It will be interesting to hear if she meets anyone famous. Right now she knows very little details but she promises me a full report on Monday night.


Ruth said...

How fun and exciting.

Hayley is very pretty, and so is her knitted tank. Wow. My daughter knits and can learn any pattern. It boggles my mind what you do.

NJ said...

Thanks Ruth. I really only started knitting back when Hayley was in college. She wanted a hat knit with love. I ended up making a total of 3 hats for Hayley and her friends. And the addiction took over. There is such a sense of satisfaction in making something yourself. I wish I could design patterns as well but I'm not that creative.

Hilary said...

That top is adorable and so is your daughter. She's lucky to have such a creative Mom. Maybe she could do a guest post.. reporter-style after the film festival. You might have to knit her a red carpet. ;)

NJ said...

Thanks Hilary. I had so much fun making that top. And it makes it so much more worthwhile when the recepient really loves it.

She had a good time at the party. She said though the only name she recognized on the guest list was Mary Walsh and everyone else she were executive types in the industry. She said it was in a double penthouse with an amazing view of Toronto. She said it's the ritziest home she'd ever been in. People were very nice to her.

Brenda said...

Hi Nancy,
You did a great job on the tank top. It fits perfectly and looks beautiful.


Ashley said...

I love that tank top and the colour looks great on Hayley!!

You did a wonderful job!

NJ said...

Thanks Brenda and Ashley. I'm was so happy with how this turned out but I pulled out a cardigan I kind of put aside and was making for myself and I'm appalled at the errors i made. I tried to say to myself that I didn't have to rip it out that no one would notice but darn it I have to rip it out. Shoot!