Thursday, June 18, 2009

She's trying again!

Ashley & Hayley

My daughter's friend Ashley is obsessed with fishing. She recently visited Hayley in Toronto and Hayley told her she should move to Toronto. Her response, "But where would I fish?" She is definitely one of my daughter's favourite people and my husband and I love when we run into around town. She's a nice girl, full of life and happiness.

Last year she entered the World Fishing Network's to win a fishing boat package. She came in the top ten I believe but ended up only winning a Bass Pro gift certificate. This year she is attempting to win a dream fishing vacation. I'm asking all that come into my blog if they could take the time to click on the link and view Ashley's video and give her a vote. The first part is based on the number of votes. Like last year I will be voting daily but I figured if others could even vote for her just once she would be so thankful.

Happy viewing!!!

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