Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Thousand Splendid Suns Book Review

I really enjoyed the author's previous book the Kite Runner and received this book as a Christmas gift. I finally picked it up and found that I enjoyed it even more than the Kite Runner. Author Khaled Hosseini delivers several strong messages in this book about the bond between two women Mariam and Laila. I don't want to tell the story as I would encourage others to read this tale. I just want to say something about the message I received from it. It's about forgiveness and regret. That possibly we should put our anger aside and forgive because we later might regret not doing so. Not doing so we could possibly miss out on something very important in our lives.


Tamsie said...

I've wondered about this book, having read the first one. Thanks for the review!

Ruth said...

It sounds like a good theme. I hadn't heard about this one after Kite Runner was our one book one community book.